Q&A – #006: The accuracy of Tarot Online Consulting?


Is there any difference between Online Consulting and Direct Consulting in Tarot Reading?

Normally, people perceive Online Consulting seems to be less accurate than Direct Consulting in a Tarot Reading. Why is that?

After sharing this topic with a number of my friends and clients, the most common answer is just “If I am not going to draw the cards, it will not show the result for my own.” However, Tarot actually does not work like that.

Based on my experiences with more than 200 clients regarding Online Consulting and Feedback, the accuracy of a Tarot Reading basically is depended on certain factors as following:

  1. The concentration of both Tarot Reader and Querent in which they both focus on the questions during the shuffling, cutting the deck and drawing the cards.
  2. Especially, DO NOT think of the answer when you focus on the question because it will impact on the result as well. Thus, the result may be subjective rather than objective.

Therefore, if you both keep high concentration and being objective when thinking of questions during preparation phase, the results will be the same as Direct Consulting. In other words, there is no difference in outcome of a Tarot Reading whether it is Online or Direct Consulting. It does not matter who draw the card eventually.


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